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Nutri Clear Normalising Creme

Nutri Clear Normalising Creme


Nutri-Clear is  famous for its treatment of oily and problem skin, and also an exceptional first aid preparation thanks to a powerhouse of active botanical ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory properties to aid in cleansing, soothing, calming and treating a number of temporary problem skin conditions. Perfect to use for helping to: ✓ Reduce heat and minor skin discomforts ✓ Calm shaving rash ✓ Cleanse and calm ingrown hairs ✓ Control oily and problem skin ✓ Purify and tighten blocked pores ✓ Soothe and calm pimples ✓ Cool minor sunburn ✓ Reduce irritation from blisters ✓ Soothe and moisturise chapped skin ✓ Calm inflamed skin ✓ Even skin texture and condition skin 100% agree they would recommend Nutri-Clear for the treatment of irritated

Contains 10 active botanical ingredients

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