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Night Cream. Do I need one?

Your skin acts differently through the day and night. During the day it protects against UV rays, pollution, weather conditions and against makeup. When you are sleeping the skin is active repairing the damage of the day and regenerating the skin cells.

What does a Night Cream do ?

While you sleep your skin needs a specific cream that is formulated to repair tissue and promote skin cell renewal. Your skin is more receptive to care at night and allows the cream to penetrate the skin. There are many types of night creams designed for all skin types and conditions. These can include firming, revitalising, refining, protecting, fighting imperfections, aging and more.

When should I start using a Night Cream?

Once you reach your 20's it's the time to start. How do I choose the right one for me?

Acne prone skin - a purifying cream

Dry skin - rich, creamy texture

Oily skin - Lighter fluid or gel

Twenties - Night cream to repair sun damage and lack of sleep

Thirties - Anti wrinkle to slow aging, refine texture and restore radiance

Forties + - Anti aging that boosts hydration, stimulates cell renewal, collagen production

When do I apply it?

After you cleanse and tone in the evening apply to the face avoiding the eye area. Smooth over the neck

My recommendations....

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