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The story of the Apricot

The story of the Iconic Apricot that began Nutrimetics starts

in 1968 high in the Himalayas with the discovering of the secret

of the Hunza Valley tribespeople. These people not only lived

to the average age of 130, their skin was unlined and they looked

young for their age.

It was found that the secret to their  long health was the diet rich

in Apricots and using the Oil from the kernel on their skin.

The magic of the apricot began the story of Nutri Rich Oil

a beauty legend.


So what is so special about Apricot Kernel Oil. It is very similar in

molecular structure to our own natural oil therefore it is easily

absorbed into the skin. It is also high in Vitamin E that helps repair,

soothe and nourish the skin. 

There are so many ways to use this Oil to care for your skin, nails,

hair and so much more...

FUN FACT:  there are 100 apricots in every 60ml jar of Nutri Rich Oil. 

apricot oil infusion facial.png

One of the most indulgent facials you can enjoy. When your skin needs nourishing there is nothing better than the Apricot Oil Infusion Facial.

Follow the step by step guide and your skin will feel soft, nourished and you will feel totally relaxed.

Sit back while the warm face cloth helps the oil absorb into your skin to feed it will the luxurious Nutri Rich Apricot Oil.

If you would like a sample of this beautiful oil to try it for yourself just send me a message and I will pop some in the post for you.

Please send me a Apricot Oil Sample 

* Australian residents only

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