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Perfect Brows easier than you think

Perfect brows takes you one step closer to the movie star look we all want. But how do you get it..

First you need to decide what shape fits your face and if you want them Thick or Thin. This can be influenced by many things, but it comes down to personal choice, you might like to follow the current trends or you might just prefer them thick or thin.

These factors may help you to choose

Your eye size - Bigger eyes will look more balanced with a thicker brow, while smaller eyes will look over shadowed if the brows are too thick.

Your lip size - for the best look your brows should be about the same size as your upper lip. This will Tie the look together.

How close is your brow to your eye - if the brow is close to the eye you will want to pull them up and give more space, if the brows are further from the eyes a thicker brow will give a more balanced look.

Now the How to. The key to the perfect brow is the starting point.

Step 1 - Finding the inner brow point. Use a pencil or similar instrument, line up the inner corner of the eye with the edge of the nose, where it overlaps the brow that is the starting point. Mark with a dot. If your eyes are close set you may wish to take the point out a little further, and if your eyes are wider set maybe bring it a little closer in.

Step 2 - Finding the arch. Using the pencil this time line it up with the outer edge of the nose and the centre of the pupil . Where it crosses the brow mark a dot. This is the arch of the brow.

Step 3 - Where it ends. Line the pencil with the outer edge of the nose and the outer corner of the eye. mark a dot this is the end of the brow.

Now you have the shape its time to fill it in. You can choose to use a Brow pencil or powder with an angled brush. Choose a shade as close as possible to your own brow colour.

Now connect the dots you made before this will give you the shape. Now lightly mark the outer lines of the brow. Using light strokes fill in the brow in the direction the hair grows and fill out the brows. The brows don'

t grow evenly so you need to fill in the gaps.

Once you have them filled as you desire, use a brow brush to brush them into shape. A brow gel or hairspray on your finger will help the brow to stay in shape.

Use this technique to shape the brows before tweezering or waxing. You may like to visit a salon where they will help you shape them. Brow tinting can also give a semi permanent colour to your brows.

Remember the perfect brow will frame your eyes and give you a beautiful finished look to your makeup.

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