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White-Age Pearl Toning Essence 150ml

White-Age Pearl Toning Essence 150ml

$54.00 Regular Price
$37.80Sale Price

Glow with Pearl Particles. 87% of women agreed that their skin felt toned*. White-Age Pearl Toning Essence is a gentle toner that works to hydrate and purify the skin by tightening pores, giving the skin a firmer feel and appearance. The pearl particles help boost skin luminescence for a brighter complexion that's left feeling refreshed and revitalised. Formulated with Peony Flower and Knotgrass Extracts, it works to reduce the appearance of imperfections and dramatically even skin tone, for a fresher, brighter and more radiant complexion.

Key Ingredients:
Peony Flower Extract, Knotgrass Extract, Lemon Fruit Water, Vitamin C

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