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The Heat is On - Help my makeup is melting...

Summer heatwaves are upon us and your beauty supplies might need some extra special care. You go to put your lipstick on and it all soft and melted. Your favourite foundation has turned to liquid. What can you do.

Follow a few simple steps to keep your makeup and beauty products in the best condition, even in the heat of summer.

The bathroom window sill seems like a great place to store your makeup and beauty products. But STOP.. Direct sunlight can have a terrible effect on your cremes and lotions. It can make them separate, breaking down the active ingredients. Your makeup and lipstick will turn to liquid. Problem solved. Store in a drawer or the bathroom cabinet, or if there is room, in the lowest shelf of the fridge.

Never leave your makeup in the car. Nothing worse them finding your favourite lippy all soft and melted.

Excessive heat will also affect your Sunscreen. It can cause it to separate and the level of SPF can be lowered. Keep it in your beach bag out of the sun, or even in your cooler bag with your cool drink.

You have followed all the tips and your makeup is cool and perfect. Now to keep it from melting off your face in the heat of the day.

Here are a few tips to help. Start with clean skin and skincare that is suited to your skin type. If your skin in oily remember to use a oil free moisturiser and foundation. You need to keep your skin hydrated even in Summer. Mineral powders are great in the heat. A primer is a must keep your makeup looking great all day. Finish with a light face powder, it will help absorb extra oil throughout the day.

Use waterproof mascara and eye liners to stop the panda eyes. An eye shadow primer or creme shadow will help powder to stick and last longer and not end up in the crease of your eye lid. A tinted moisturiser in Summer is perfect, gives you a light finish plus SPF protection from the hot sun.

A setting spray for days when you must keep your makeup look perfect, like a day at the races or a wedding.

Your lipstick isn't lasting and is sliding off your lips. Remember to blot after you apply and dust lightly with powder to keep it in place.

Use less makeup in the heat of Summer to avoid it dripping off your skin and smudging.

Summer heatwaves can be a challenge, just follow a few easy tips and you, your makeup and beauty products will survive....

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